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Sankyo Optical Industry Corp.

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Sankyo Optical Industry Corporation is a renowned lens manufacturer with a long history of 90 years in Japan.

Sankyo Optical Industry Corporation have produced a variety of camera lenses and industrial lenses since its inception in 1929. We specialize in the field of spherical lens, aspherical lens, customized orders of various products in small lots, difficult-to-cut materials and high precision optical lens. Our high precision lens and customizing abilities are well known among major Japanese companies. Our products are applied in various fields such as videography, machinery, electronics, semiconductors and networking devices. Our lenses are also utilized in measuring equipment for advanced researches in local universities. Our technology can also be found in the solar observing satellite, Hinode. In 2008, we were selected as the Top 300 Lively Manufacturing SME by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

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Lens processing work with high difficulty are created and supervised done by our highly skilled and experienced optical lens engineers. We continuously strive to refine our skills and incorporate the latest technologies to meet the demands of our clients.

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Our strength is precise attention to detail.Our strength is precise attention to detail.

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