Roughing Process CG machines (O.D. 3mm - 800mm)
Grinding Process Smoothing machines
Polishing Process Polishing machines (O.D. 3mm - 1,400mm)
Double side lapping machines
MRF machines
Centering and Edging Process Centering and edging machines (O.D. 3mm - 500mm)
Cleaning Process Ultrasonic cleaning machines
Coating Process Vacuume deposition machines
Cementing Process UV irradiation machines, Eccentricity microscopes
Aspherical Process Ultra precision machining machines
Measuring instruments Stitching Interferometer (QED Technologies, ASI(Q))
Ultra accuracy 3D profilometer (Panasonic, UA3P-4 and -5)
3D optical surface profiler (Zygo, New View)
Laser interferometer
Factory microscope
Spectro photometer (190nm - 3,200nm)
Infrared spectro photometer (2,500nm - 25,000nm)
Others Electric furnace