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Sankyo Optical Industry Corp.


Regarding the manufacturing
of optical components

How should I ask about a technical question?

Please send us a technical inquiry via the "Contact Us" form.

We will reply you as soon as we go through your question content.

We can give a more detailed answer if you provide us with a diagram.

Please attach the diagram to our company's respond e-mail.

Is it possible to request services starting from material procurement?

We accept requests starting from material procurement.

The following manufacturers have procurement records in our company.


Fluorite -> Nikon, OHYO KOKEN KOGYO, Hellma

Fused Silica -> Shin-Etsu Quartz Products, Nikon



Regardless of the materials listed above, we can manufacture materials that are supplied.

Is it possible to request just a fraction of the manufacturing process, for example only centering or only vapor deposition?

Due to quality control purposes, we are unfortunately unable to provide services for specific processes only.

Examples of manufacturing process combinations that can be entrusted are as below.



Is it possible to request for assembly?

We will be able to cater if the request starts from design.

Please contact us for specifications and quantities.

Is it possible to manufacture only one piece?

We accept from single piece requests per order.

How much production quantity can be handled?

We can handle from 1 to 1,000 pieces per month for each type depending on the required specifications.

Are there any items in stock?

There are no items in stock as all products are custom made.

How long does it take to deliver?

We have been asked often, but it is difficult for us to give an immediate answer.

The delivery of the materials highly depends on the size of the optical components and the quantity requested.

Please contact us once your specifications are decided. We will give you our best estimate based on the conditions provided.

What are the general specifications easy for SANKYO OPTO manufacture?

The manufacturing process is determined in consideration of the usage and required specification.

Please let us know your required specifications.

Can optical components be requested for subsidized projects or public businesses?

We accept requests related to subsidized projects or requests from public institutions within Japan.

We will also help prepare the necessary documents. We will need your full cooperation as there are various types of documents.

Can you attach data to each and every optical component?

It is possible to link each measurement data with its respective optical component.

Please note that there will be additional charges depending on the type of measurement data and the methods used.

What are the terms and conditions for transactions?

Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Regulatory compliance

Do you comply with the RoHS regulations?

Yes, the chemical substances are adhered to chemSHERPA. Please contact us for more information about other regulations.


Where are the optical components manufactured?

They are all manufactured in Japan.