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Proprietary Reference Lens Units

Can you measure the entire surface area of a spherical lens element?


Yes, we can. Our proprietary range of Reference Lens Units for wavefront measurement can characterize an element’s entire surface area precisely, front and back. Our lineup includes 30 different types—86 units in all—for wavefront measurements, either reflected or transmitted, with a surface accuracy of PV=λ/20 or higher. These ultra-high-precision Reference Lens Units, coupled with interferometers, are in place to validate the profile integrity of every lens element we manufacture. If you need to measure a radius form that's outside our current Reference Lens Units lineup, we can produce a new one that will cover the full aperture range. In addition, a Subaperture Stitching Interferometer enables us to produce an element that calls for an ultra-high surface accuracy or comes with an extra-large aperture coupled with the existing Reference Lens Unit, ensuring reliable and solid measurement data across the entire surface area.

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